Saturday, July 11, 2009

Easy Steps to Follow for Joining a Kickboxing Class

The latest trend in fitness is kickboxing. With the right trainer, it is one of the best forms of exercise you can do. It has been shown to work all areas of your body with cardio, flexibility and strength training training. The great thing about kickboxing is it also provides spiritual and mental benefits as you work your butt off losing 400 calories at a time.The majority of the kickboxing classes offered are more unique and untraditional than they were just a few years ago. What makes them different is the way they combine martial arts with various creative twists. Try joining a kickboxing class as a new and exciting way to get in shape. It's also a fun way to boost your fitness level. Here are a few things you should know when looking to join a class:

  • Obviously the first thing you need to decide upon is what type of kickboxing do you want to learn. You can't really join a class if you don't know anything about what it teaches. When it comes to kickboxing, there are a number of different classes available. The most popular are the cardio-kickboxing classes. These concentrate on a cardiovascular workout without getting into any combat or defensive techniques. If you are looking for more a sparring activity try a more traditional form of class that actively promotes competitive tournaments.
  • Go over all of your options and choices after you find a specific kickboxing class that fits what you're looking for. Try going online for websites that contain useful information on these classes. Pay attention to things like rules, regulations, competitions and instruction practices used for kickboxing's various forms. This is a very helpful resource to find the specific discipline you would want to train in.
  • Find a class in your local area and stop by to see how you would like it. Take a tour of the building to see if you would feel comfortable with all of the facilities and locker rooms. Before you sign up, check if the instructors are properly certified to teach the specific class you are joining. Ask about their thoughts on safety and if they offer any one-on-one instruction if needed.
  • After you made up your mind on the gym meeting all your standards, choose a class that fits your skill level. Never join a class that may be a little too advanced for you. If you are just starting kickboxing, look for a beginner's course. You run the risk of hurting yourself getting in over your head with people much better that you at kickboxing.
  • Before the class begins, find the instructor and ask them what you will need for the class. Many classes require you to come prepared with supplies such as protective gear or gloves. Never be to timid to ask for warming up tips to do before a class. You'll prevent the risk of injury while possibly gaining an edge on someone not warmed up.
By: Tl Kleban