Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cardio Kickboxing Classes

I Assume You Have A Gym Membership

This article assumes you have a gym membership which has cardio kickboxing classes available. If you don't have one, then get one!

Do You Get Bored On The Bike Or The Treadmill?

A lot of people get their cardio in on the stationary bike or the treadmill but if you're like me then you find it easy to get bored on these machines. Sure watching TV and listening to music can make it go by a little faster but it's still pretty boring. The hour can take forever to go by when I'm on the bike.The "excitement" factor is one of the main reasons that I enjoy taking a cardio kickboxing class. Sure it's a lot harder than just riding the bike (of course there's also benefits to it being harder that I'll get to in a moment) but it's worth it because it actually can be fun to do. Even though the cardio kickboxing class I take is 75 minutes long - goes by faster than just 30 minutes on a bike or a treadmill.

Cardio Kickboxing Burns More Calories

Muscle and Fitness Magazine has ranked Cardio Kickboxing as the #1 fat burning workout. It burns an average of 1000 calories per hour. Compare that to the 300 or so calories you may burn in an hour on the stationary bike and it's obvoius which one is the right answer for you if you really want to burn fat fast.

All Cardio Is Wasted Without A Good Fat Burning Diet

While cardio is important, so is your diet. Diet without exercise is a waste but so is exercise without diet. You need to do both if you really want to burn fat fast and reach your peak condition.

By: Lucinda H. Becks