Tuesday, June 16, 2009

8 Muay Thai Routines for Advanced Workout Trainees

Author: Jesse Miller

Although neophytes can engage into Muay Thai, this fitness training is mostly aimed upon advancers in training at the gym. For one, it is a very intense way of burning calories and developing muscles. Another one is that it entails a lot of alertness, endurance, strength and ability to punch and kick for this training to be carried on effectively.

Not to discount the capacity of beginners, these 8 Muay Thai routines for advanced workout trainees can take those men who’ve been working out for years to another level of intense workout:

1.Warm-Up. To do this, you can run, bounce or skip for 15 to 20 minutes to sweat out and awaken your body to be ready for an intensive training. Warm-up involves stretching to improve your flexibility level.

2.Running. This is to be executed so that you are able to increase stamina apart from strengthening your upper and lower legs. You can do this early in the morning for at least 20 to 30 minutes before training.

3.Shadow Boxing. To obtain the appropriate strategies in Muay Thai, you need to do shadow boxing. This means you kick and punch in front of a mirror to determine the correctness of your movements. A full range of movement is to be achieved in every angle.

4.Skipping. Just like warming up and running, skipping is to be done to increase your agility and empower your body for a higher level of endurance. Great stamina and good coordination must be achieved to effectively execute the movements involved in Muay Thai. You can skip using a skipping rope or by simply skipping without any paraphernalia. Be alert to shift from one leg to another. No way should you bounce using your two feet.

5.Free Weights. To elevate your capacity to endure the intense punches and kicks, you must do resistance training of your core muscles using free weights like barbell or dumbbells. Go for lighter weights and execute many repetitions. Training with heavy weights is best for bodybuilding stints, not boxing. Train your muscles carefully to remedy from getting yourself injured or strained.

6.Bag and Pad Routine. Practice punching on the boxing bags and pads. This will prepare you for the training proper.

7.Speed Ball. The usage of speed ball will help you improve your movement coordination and strengthen your shoulders.

8.Sparring. This is an important element in Muay Thai training as you will be able to gauge how well you’ve gone through. This drill will also teach you to control your opponent by practicing arm-locking and neck-clinching stints with your sparring partner.

If you carry on these important routines involved in Muay Thai training, you can effectively work your way to endure the different sets of kicks, punches and turns. This entire program allows you to trim down and develop muscles at the same time.