Tuesday, June 16, 2009

An Insight Into Muay Thai Kick Boxing

Author: ktmcna@aol.com

The exact date muay Thai kick boxing was started is hard to narrow down, but it does date back all the way to medieval times. King Nareasen made it famous in 1560 AD when he was given a chance to fight for his freedom. King Nareasan was victorious, freed, and returned home where he declared the fighting style (then called Siamese style boxing) a national sport.

The art of muay thai kick boxing is known as both a hard martial art and as "the deadly art." Muay thai kick boxing is a self defence art developed in Thailand and it enjoys immense popularity in many south-Asian countries as well. There is a wide variety of forms and styles, just like other styles of martial arts.

Muay thai kick boxing is the national sport of only Thailand, though it has become popular in many other countries. The main point that separates muay thai kick boxing from western developed boxing is the fact you are allowed to use shins, knees, elbows and fists. The fighter is able to use 8 parts of his body to strike his opponent.

About 50 years ago, boxing gloves where introduced - before this it was more common to bond smashed shards of glass to a rope binding around the hands. This practice was ended when international muay thai kick boxing tournaments began. This ultimate full-contact martial art, builds stamina and mental toughness. In Thailand, every boy is mandated to learn muay thai and most girls will learn at least some basic moves.

Muay thai kick boxing is designed to be performed unarmed, as every move can be done with combinations of eight body parts. Unlike other forms of martial arts where grappling is done on the floor, the grappling done in muay thai kick boxing is done while standing. The most common techniques used while grappling are attempts to hit the opponent's stomach or head with the knees. Muay thai kick boxing appears as an extremely violent form of martial arts. Contrary to how it appears, it actually provides you with anger control and a constant strive for peace and unity.