Monday, June 22, 2009

How to Dodge a Punch in Kickboxing

John Albers

Kickboxing is a generic term for a style of combat, either used for competition or personal fitness, which incorporates the use of martial art-like kicks and boxing style punches. Here are the steps explaining how to dodge a punch in women's kickboxing.

Step 1

Begin by facing your opponent in a staggered stance. Your left foot should be forward and your right a little more to the rear, but your body is still facing your opponent directly. Keep your fists up in front of your upper chest to protect your throat and chest.

Step 2

Let your opponent throw a punch with her right fist at your face or upper chest. As your opponent rears back to punch, crouch down at the knees and bob your upper body down in a ducking motion off your right foot.

Step 3

Continue the bob as the punch sails over your head by turning and shifting your weight to your left side and then rising back up to your staggered stance. This puts you in a great position to drive a punch into your opponent’s side as she is still probably extended from the punch. This will work for most punches delivered to the upper body. If your opponent punches with her left fist you will need to bob in the opposite direction.

Step 4

Remember to never drop your eyes while bobbing and always watch your opponent. If you do not then you may end up rising right into a follow up punch.

Tips & Warnings

You will find this move effective in self defense and in most forms of unarmed combat as well. There are three principle forms of kickboxing as well as many other versions less well known to the American populace. Japanese Kickboxing allows a fighter to strike with the elbow, knee, foot, and fist, hitting any part of the opponent’s body barring the crotch. American Kickboxing allows a fighter to strike an opponent above the hip only with a fist or foot. European Kickboxing is somewhere between the two, allowing the use of the foot, fist, and knee, but not the elbow, against any part of an opponent’s body barring the crotch.

These instructions are for a right hand dominant combatant; if you are left handed then you should put your right foot forward when in the staggered stance.